By:  Dr. Neeraj Kumar


5 Fruits to Boost Your Health

Fruits are a major and natural source of many vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances to protect you from chronic diseases. Fruits are available throughout the year and some are seasonal too. Here is a list of commonly available fruits that you can include in your daily diet to boost immunity to stay away from infections, with anti-oxidation properties to destroy free radicals. Orange This citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a powerful natural antioxidant which helps to improve your skin and skin tone, which is one of its many benefits. Oranges are also rich in B-complex vitamins, and the potassium present in them helps control heart rate & blood pressure. Oranges are low calorie, and free of cholesterol and fats. They also help with weight loss and managing diabetes.  

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